Are you an infrastructure engineer who is frustrated with the complexity caused by bloated network documentation solutions?

Are you fed up with poor UX design causing users to miss out on the most important aspect of the

All-in-one solution for Network documentation

KeeyBoo is a simple, documentation tool that helps businesses keep track of their network infrastructure. We’ve incorporated industry and user feedback to rid our UX of unnecessary features, streamlining KeeyBoo with well-organized tools most relevant to the user.

Site Audits

Keep Track of how your sites are utilizing the allocated resources. Document how the offices are scaling with new users and devices

Track Your Outages

Keep track of every network outage at every location. What was the cause? How did we fix it? How long did it take to be fixed?

Vendor Tracking

Have all vendors and vendor contracts in one place. Let your team see where all ISP information is for faster escalation of issues

Everything in One Dashboard

Keep track of everything in one centralized place for better visibility

Your advantages

  • Have an inventory of your network without using agents.

  • Keep track of your IP address assignments. Have full visbility into
    your VLANs across your organization.

  • Have your troubleshooting guides
    ready for network engineers to use for faster issue fixes.

  • Control how you want users to interact
    with Keeyboo. A user will only have access to what they are authorized to see.

  • Never let your devices run out of warranty and support. KeeyBoo will remind you.