Keeyboo helps you handle every stage of the IT lifecycle; from site surveys, new builds, upgrades, decommissions, and many more. We have technicians suited for every job and Keeyboo manages the work from start to finish. With our comprehensive approach to IT lifecycle management, you can trust that Keeyboo has your business covered.

We care about your business’s success, which is why we plan with you every step of the way throughout your project to deliver quality work. We have technicians available to assist you any time of the day including weekend and holidays.

Site surveys

We help businesses prepare and assess their current state of IT environment before rolling out new projects. This helps to avoid costly mistakes and prevent ineffective rollouts. With our technicians on site, we will be your eyes. We provide detailed site survey reports to better prepare your business for your next rollout.

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Network Design

No network is small. By focusing on your business outcome, we can quickly and efficiently help your business achieve the defined outcome. With our skilled architects, we will design your network from the access layer all the way up to the cloud. Our expertise includes but not limited to:
  • WAN design
  • Wireless design
  • Cloud network design
  • Small Office Home Office network design
  • VPN design
  • Out Of Band (OOB) network design

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Site decommissions

Sites open and close all the time. At keeyboo, we will be there to assist you when your remote office is closing. We have the hands to help you properly get rid of your outdated equipment, helping you transition to new technologies quicker. We will handle any disposals for you guaranteeing not to leave any sensitive data on your hardware and reducing the risk of your configurations getting in the wrong hands.

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Telco Circuit testing and monitoring

Circuit delivery doesn't have to be a problem with us at your service. We will be there when your carrier delivers your circuits. We will work with you to make sure what was delivered is what you paid for, by doing all required tests before signoff. We can do all that for you at any location in US so that your engineers can save travel time to concentrate on the work that is critical to your business

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Network deployment and installations

We understand the pressure of having to finish your rollouts by a given time. This is where we exel. We work with you to install your hardware at any location in the US. We have expertise in doing basic configurations of devices from Cisco, Aruba, Arista, Meraki, Dell, HP, Avaya,Xerox, Canon and many more.

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Shipping and receiving of IT equipment

Got no one in the office to receive or deliver your packages? We can get that done for you. We properly handle your deliveries so that you don't have to deal with the mailman. And if you have equipment to ship out to your other locations, we will do it for you. Just tell us where and we will pick it up, professionally package it and ship it to its destination.

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