Network Design

No network is small. By focusing on your business outcome, we can quickly and efficiently help your business achieve the defined outcome. With our skilled architects, we will design your network from the access layer all the way up to the cloud. 

Let our experts take over

We have a pool of experts at your disposal to help you transform your legacy networks. No network is small. We will design your network from the group up from the access layer all the way to the cloud. 

Architects you can rely on

We want to help your business operate at its full potential.  We’ll help you leverage technology to set the pace in your industry.

We will work with you through the adaptation of HLDs and  LLDs.


Let us show you how SDWAN simplifies branch office connectivity using any available internet pipes. This will not only save you money in the long run but also improve network performance.


We can help you design a wireless network that will be manageable and meet your needs. Our Professional Services Design Team has the expertise and experience to help you implement the most effective wireless performance in your physical passive or active Wi-Fi and Specialty Technologies. We can also help you to modify and expand the coverage or capacity of your existing system.


From firewall installation to intrusion detection services, our certified consultants will ensure your network resources are safe. It’s not about how much network security you can afford – it’s about how much network insecurity could cost you.


We can assist with your cloud migrations whether it's new designs or transforming legacy environments. Our experts are well versed with AWS, Azure and Google cloud.

Branch and campus

Keeyboo can help you better understand the interactions of infrastructure components and can provide critical input into network capacity planning and strategic design decisions.

Out Of Band

We can help you create network backdoors that are critical for access when your front door network pipes fail. This is crucial in troubleshooting critical outages making it quicker to recover.

Do you want to see how our architects can help transform your networks?