Site Survey

Understanding the environment of your business’s IT infrastructure is essential to building a successful foundation for your technology. Tech Service Today deploys the right technicians to your remote locations to conduct thorough site surveys and planning to help your business avoid costly mistakes in the future.

Trust us to be your eyes on the ground

We understand how it is important to know the current state of the network before attempting to do any changes.  Although site surveys and planning are critical steps to any IT project, many businesses lack the manpower to effectively conduct them at all of their remote locations. Keeyboo will save you time and money by carefully selecting and deploying skilled technicians to all of your remote locations to assist with site surveys.

Our technicians perform the critical site surveys following your checklists. If you don’t have a checklist, we can assist you in developing one that will best capture all the information needed. Let us be the hands-on help you need to move forward with a successful IT project.

Discovery Surveys

Companies that are frequently involved in mergers and acquisitions typically acquire sites that their IT team has yet to lay eyes on. We supply technicians to be the eyes on site when your IT team can’t be. Our technicians conduct complete IT asset inventories of the physical environments of your remote locations. To ensure full understanding of your IT environment, our technicians will also provide descriptive overviews of your sites, which include tagging lines, locating lines, equipment placement and more, in the form of photographs, drawings, and written documents.

Survey with Estimate

Your multi-site business may be ready for a technology upgrade, but you could be lacking necessary information about your IT environment and project scope. We send technicians to your locations to fully assess your IT environments and write up a complete estimate for your proposed project. Our technicians provide a written scope of work, price estimates for the time and materials required, and helpful suggestions to ensure smooth implementation of your project.

Want Us To Help You Learn More About Your Current State?