Telco circuit

Circuit delivery doesn’t have to be a problem with us at your service. We will be there when your carrier delivers your circuits. We will work with you to make sure what was delivered is what you paid for, by doing all required tests before signoff. We can do all that for you at any location in US so that your engineers can save travel time to concentrate on the work that is critical to your business

Being your eyes when circuits are delivered 

With circuit delivery, no news is almost always bad news. There are many opportunities for a circuit order to go awry with data not being passed on, or simply being re-keyed incorrectly. With Keeyboo, We can work with your telcos as onsite circuit testers before it gets delivered to you. With this, we let you handle the complex work on tracking your oeder process while we do the phyiscal work involved within the process.

Our technicians are ready to stand-in for you during circuit delivery